Tsugaru (東日流) is one of three humanoid servants summoned by the warped antagonist Yugi in Tenchi in Tokyo. Tsugaru is a master manipulator rather than a fighter, although still exceptionally powerful in his own right. He is distinguished by his brown hair, yellow onesie, and rather effeminate mannerisms.

Tenchi in Tokyo

Tsugaru first tries to kill Princess Sasami in Tokyo until Ryo-Ohki forces him away, and then he helps Hotsuma with gaining the trust of the Masaki family and dividing them apart, targeting Ayeka and later Mihoshi and Kiyone, while Hotsuma goes against Ryoko. First, he contacts Ayeka when she is walking outside the temple and shows an image of Tenchi and Sakuya kissing, telling her to call Tenchi and ask him directly; encouraged by Sasami, Ayeka does so, but she does not obtain a satisfactory reply (Tenchi was just about to go out with Sakuya), and decides to stay home anyway.

Tsugaru later shoots down Mihoshi and Kiyone's shuttle on their way back to Earth and then attacks them. Mihoshi and Kiyone's normal guns have no effect on Tsugaru, as he keeps on dodging them, until Kiyone decided to use the anti-matter bullet. Kiyone distract Tsugaru in order to give Mihoshi the chance to kill him. But as Tsugaru was about to blast Kiyone, Mihoshi turned herself into a shield protecting Kiyone at her own risk. Tsugaru then coldly laughed at her moving act; enraged, Kiyone picked up the gun and fired the bullet, which caused Tsugaru to be vaporized into dust.

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