Been a huge fan since its days on Toonami. I had seen other anime and enjoyed them but Tenchi was the first to really draw me in and make me a true anime fan. Buying a used copy of the OVA was my first anime DVD purchase. (well, except for a $3 DBZ movie I found in a pawn shop rack of CD's- tested my DVD player on my PC with it) I confess to really losing my favor for the non-Kajishima shows though. They're such dumbed down versions, In my not so humble opinion. Making Mihoshi so absolutely worthless is the worst crime of the spin-offs.

Recent point of pride: one of my revisions (The bit about Juraian royalty formerly being pirates) was quoted by someone in the comments section for the OVA at Crunchyroll.

Blog entry

the blog doesn't seem to be well utilized here, but I just added one:

100 Million or 1 Billion years?

I consider it a rather important revelation.

My favorite pages

  • First edit was on Koro, I have since returned to it. I love that picture of Kenshi (also added)
  • First created page was for Racepshi...wish there was a better representative pic, the one I used to spice up the page is odd.
  • Favorite created pages so far are for Miki and Kirche, completing the AI Cabbit Girls.
  • Timeline
  • Future pages? I'd like to expand Kuis/Kuisu/Quis Panta (once I settle on a name) into her own page and give each of "The Renza Agents" their own pages. (Done) those were the pages I think new or returned viewers of the most recent OVA would like to find information about.
  • A bigger project would be to make pages for the characters in Photon, I kind of want a source to decisively state its relationship to the shared universe though... or a better one. Kajashima did make a passing mention proving the connection- but not explaining it. There's more too it.

just putting this here to leave a handy link to it: User:Nonsuch Ned/sandbox

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