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Wahanly Shume (ワウアンリー・シュメ, Shume Wahanly) is a good friend of Lashara, a brilliant inventor, and a genius when it comes to heavy artillery and gunpowder (ironically, she can't seem to hit her targets, though she gradually improves throughout the series).


Wahanly reads large numbers of books as a hobby. While she may appear to be a 15 year-old girl, her actual age is 97 due to difference in time flow at the Barrier Workshop, where she lived prior to moving to the Swan with the others.

She later invented the Kikkoujin, a steam-powered mechanoid originally made for construction resembling a Tachikoma with greater maneuverability than what a Seikijin would provide and she also made a modified Doukatchu that is steam-powered. Her Seikijin is brown with bull's horns made for heavy combat.

She becomes good friends with Kenshi early on, as he praises her and takes an interest in her work. After chasing Kenshi (who was carrying Mexiah around) in her Kikkoujin, she begins to use him as an unwitting test subject for her machines as Kenshi's athleticism allows her to test their limits and improve them. She takes great pride in her work and is always excited to see how her machines will perform, especially on Kenshi.

She is shown to be very good friends with Chiaia, as they were both officially became Seikishi at the same time and were often seen hanging out together in the Holy Land Academy.

Like most of the girls that Kenshi befriends, she becomes infatuated with him. While she tends to take things too far when testing her machines on him (such as firing missiles or trying to crush him), she has shown that she that genuinely cares for him and his well-being. At the end of the series, she was one of many girls who wanted to marry him.


  • Wahanly and Washu from the main Tenchi Muyo series share many similarities, such as being scientific geniuses, using the object of their affection as the test subject for their experiments (often against their wills), and being among the oldest of the girls (if not the oldest) in each respective harem.