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The movie, Daughter of Darkness, was actually based off the 12th out of 13 novels written by Naoko Hasegawa, a scriptwriter for the first season of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki. In it, a girl named Mayuka arrives and claims to be Tenchi's daughter and her origin and connection to Yuzuha (the antagonist in this film) is investigated. Washu is able to determine that, genetically, Mayuka is Tenchi's daughter. In the finale, Washu is able to save Mayuka and, once she consults with the rest of the household, creates the means for her to be reborn as an infant.


Hasegawa novels

This film is the only contact most non-Japanese fans have had with Hasegawa branch continuity. The first book of the series, The Hexagon of Love, was produced with the cooperation of Masaki Kajishima and briefly considered original canon. The second and third novels retell the story of the first season of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki. but afterwards branch off into their own direction which is sort of a combination of both the OVA and Universe canons. None of the novels have been officially translated outside of Japanese, so little is known about the character development within them. But it does seem that they go into some wacky situations for comedic effect.

Okuda's No Need For Tenchi! and The All-New Tenchi Muyo! manga series

No Need For Tenchi4

In these manga, which are a non-canon continuity of OVA 2, Washu's personality is slightly more caring and mature. Instead of remaining locked inside her laboratory all day and having almost no contact with the others, she shows more concern for those around her, often giving advice or support, almost like a motherly figure. She develops a bond with Sasami, admiring how strong she is. Washu also gains her first rival in the Okuda manga in the form of Yume.

During The All-New Tenchi Muyo! series, she faces Dr. Clay once again, who uses one of Washu's creations, the "Dark Crystal". The crystals evolves morphing into a Washu Doppelgänger called Dark Washu, who's sent to attack the Masaki residence in order to kill Washu. During this incident, Washu is challenged to face Dark Washu on the surface of Europa (one of the moons surrounding Jupiter), but before that she's forced, by Dr. Clay, to erase the memories of his friends, to forget she ever existed. However, this doesn't erase their love for her; Tenchi and the others then set on a flight to rescue her. This makes Washu mature even further and becomes stronger to protect the ones she love, admitting she needs the support of others in order to grow.

Ai Tenchi Muyo !


One of Washu's time experiments goes haywire, and displace two Juraian travellers in space and time. The two end up in a tucked away all-girls school in the mountains near the Masaki's traditional homestead near Takahashi, Okayama. She works in the background as she tasks Tenchi with finding and dealing with the two girls involved who have only vague memories of their previous lives. During her exploits, only the intervention of top Galaxy Police officers can disrupt her plans to set things right, but the entire galaxy is put at risk when both sides refuse to lower the stakes and the girl's presence in the wrong place threatens to tear apart time and space.