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GXP16 Yomotsuookami

Yomotsuookami, also translated as "Charon Wolf" is a Sekijin/giant Mecha created by Washu and gifted to Kiriko Masaki. It appears in the later chapters of the Tenchi Muyo GXP Novels, the fifth season of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, and mentioned in Tenchi Muyo! GXP Paradise Starting.


As explained in seasons 4 and 5 of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Washu had planned to give Kenshi Masaki a Sekijin/Mechalord that she was designing for the time he went to Geminar in the future, but Rea completely refused the idea. Washu went ahead and built it anyway. In the GXP Novels, when Kiriko and crew followed Hakuren's group to Renza to fight their pirates, Washu decided to give her created mecha to Kiriko instead (or, at-least, loan it to her), to aid their efforts (and just because she wanted to see what her creation could do).

When Seina and Zinv disappear after an impromptu battle with HIMC, representatives of the Renza Federation used the battle in a desperate and flimsy argument that he and Kiriko's group were overstepping their bounds and that Zinv should be turned over to them. An infuriated Kiriko challenged them to solve the quarrel in a duel between her, Yomotsuookami, and anyone that would take her on. In the resulting battle, she made quick work of 4 Renzan princes piloting their best available "Heavenly Knights" with their rarest and most powerful weaponry. Kiriko decided she needed to thoroughly humiliate them, so she stole their weapons before decapitating the knights. She then taunted the supporting cavalry. In the end, she had destroyed 12 "Heavenly Knights" (The highest class of battle mecha they use) and 16 "Aquius Knights" (The level below). With this count, she instantly became one of the most deadly knights in the history of Renza mecha battles. (There were no actual fatalities, she destroyed the mecha and left the pilots in their useless cores).

The history of the rest of her battles there have yet to be recounted.

Yomotsuookami final

A version of Yomotsuookami then shows up in the 5th season Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki episode, "Paradise Paradigm." This version is completely transformed from its initial depiction, seemingly having integrated the features and weaponry of the other knights it has defeated. Only Tennyo is shown as being a passenger at this time. It is unknown if she piloted it (which seems unlikely), Kiriko is not shown in the episode, but Karen is, would be familiar with it, and would eagerly want to pilot it.

It is consistently described as grossly overpowered and completely inappropriate for land warfare. Jovia described it as "the sacred Mechalord that hurled all of Renza into the depths of fear and despair - an evil god with power that rivals [Ryo-Ohki and Fuku]"


  • A fan translation interprets the name as "Charon Wolf" with this explanation: "Yomo" represents "Hades." Literally, it's the sulfur river of Hades. "Tsu," in this incident, translates as "ferry."  "Ookami" translates as "wolf" but it is clearly a pun on "okami" (great deity). It's clearly referring to Charon, the ferry kami of Hades, so, to localize, the fan translator uses "Charon Wolf" instead of its cumbersome long name.'
    • The main problem with that translation is that the unwieldy and overly ominous name is a joke in itself, but one English speakers do not understand. Washu even explains that she picked the name because it got a laugh out of Seto.