Yu-Ohki (雄皇鬼, Yūōki) is a white cabbit there looks similar to Ken-Ohki but with Ryo-Ohki's gem on its forehead.

Tenchi in Tokyo

After Ryo-Ohki is accused of breaking a supposedly valuable statue by Ayeka and Ryoko, and is expelled from the house by Sasami, Yu-Ohki appears and takes it to the moon, where other cabbits live. However Yu-Ohki is really working with Yugi who's job is to keep Ryo-ohki away from Sasami and the others.

When Sasami and the other girls arrive on the moon to take Ryo-Ohki back to house, he and the other cabbits merge transforming into a giant and monstrous cabbit who tries to kill all them, but is defeated by Ryo-Ohki's mecha form.

Later, a wounded Yu-Ohki is seen talking to Yugi about his failure and for punishment for his failure he has been destroyed by her.


  • Yu-Ohki is the only cabbit that can merge with others.
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