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Yuki Fuka is a characters in Ai Tenchi Muyo!.

Connection to Momotarō

New original characters in Ai Tenchi Muyo! are very loosely inspired by the popular Japanese folktale Momotarō. The Science Club seems to represent the monsters that plague the village.


Yuki Fuka is a bit conceited and determined in the rightness of her causes. As she is self-centered, she tends to miss the opinions and reasoning of others. She would rather force others to concede to her demands than negotiate.


Her background before the series is unknown. Yuki is the president of the Junai Academy Science Club, The only other members being Rui Aoi and Beni Kinojyou. They also utilize a large red robot named Goriki.

She had been informed secretly by Washu of a "treasure" (Momo's Juraian ship) buried under the old school building and has used all of the club's funds to excavate it from the caverns found there. She constantly pleads for more funds from the School Council, but as she won't tell them what she's using the funds for, the council will not do so. She had also employed other students that were interested in her story helping but the hard work, lack of progress, no pay, and a raid by the school council scared them away.

She had tried various means to trick away the funds from the council but ultimately no nore were needed when Ryoko and Beni were able navigate the crevices of the cavern and discover the ship.

After Momo and Beni's existence was effectively erased from the present timeline, it was shown that Yuki and Rui were still in the club, demanding funds to build their idea of a giant red robot.