Yukine Mare (ユキネ・メア Yukine Mea?)


Yukine Mare is the quiet, shy, and faithful personal servant of Maria, with her quiet and shy demeanor hiding a very talented skillset. Yukine acts as Maria's primary information-gatherer, and the two of them are able to figure out that Kenshi is the Seikijin pilot that attacked Lashara. There is a clear mutual attraction between Kenshi and Yukine, and merely being in close proximity to each other can cause their cheeks to color. She is the only girl that Kenshi has clear feelings for, as when asked by Lashara if he likes her, he did not deny it. She is from a clan that protects a mountain temple dedicated to the Chousin but allows Kenshi to compress the mountain into a sword, much to the shock of the village Elder. Her Seikijin is a mixture of light colors with moth antennae and a mane armed with a railgun and jets that allows her to travel at supersonic speeds.


  • Kenshi Masaki: Both she and Kenshi seem to have a little crush on each other.


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