Continuity Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure
Voice Actors (Japanese:)


Nicknames Jinbu/Genbu
Age Unknown
Gender None
Species Alien Robot
Occupation Core Robot for the Earth Defence Force (EDF)
Relatives Dual! series: Alternate Reality Counterpart Kazuki Yotsuga, Core Robots

Tenchi Muyo! GXP series: Idol

Zinv is a alien mecha from the OVA series, Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure.


The alien girl D escaped her homeworld in Zinv after the deaths of her friends were caused by the alien Kumu and the mecha robot Himiko. Zinv sat dormant in the Earth Defence Force's headquarters for years until Kazuki Yotsuga awakened it during Rara's assault.

Zinv has many unique abilities revolving around the manipulation of gravimetric forces, including gravitational projectiles, super speed, and crushing enemy mecha. Zinv also comes equipped with a nano-repair system that can fix any damage inflicted. Zinv only responds to Kazuki's Life Sympathy, and sometimes activates itself when Kazuki is not aboard.

Zinv defeats the lesser version of Himiko quite easily, but Himiko's final form takes the upper hand. When D removes the limiter preventing males from piloting it (Kazuki skirts this by BEING the parallel world counterpart to Zinv), Zinv instantly repairs itself and generates Light Hawk Wings. With this newfound power, Kazuki decimates Himiko and creates a black hole, reducing the Rara fortress to nothing.

With the two worlds dangerously close to oblivion, Zinv and Kazuki agree to destroy Zinv, ensuring that both worlds will live on. However, Zinv survives the explosion that consumes it, regenerating at the bottom of the ocean and returning to Kazuki in the third universe. It is decided that Zinv would be used for Kazuki and his friends to explore space.


Idol from Tenchi Muyo! GXP

In Tenchi Muyo! GXP', main protagonist, Seina Yamada discovers and bonds with a mecha on the planet Wau which is a future version of Zinv. It is revealed that the mecha, dubbed "the Idol," uses an original Royal Tree seed as its power source, one of two that the Chousin goddess Tsunami created.


  • Zinv's real name is Jinbu.
  • Tenchi Muyo! GXP reveals that while Seina's Idol uses an original Royal Tree seed as its power source, Tsunami sent one other original seed to another world.
  • There is an uncanny resemblance between Zinv and the Evangelion robot EVA Unit 01.